Another agile blog?

I have been thinking about creating a blog on agile topics for awhile and have decided to start now.

For topics, I am planning to write about the nexus of life and work. How to think about each in the context of becoming more effective and efficient. Here is a rough outline of topics I’m looking at now:

  • Agile – what is this, really?
  • Scrum – A starting point
  • XP – Is this necessary?
  • Scaling Agile – flavors of this abound. How to create a path
  • Coaching – a never ending re-assessment of what is working, or not
  • Learning – this is also never ending
  • Teaching – the most effective learning
  • Books – what I’m reading and how
  • Infographics – I love pictures – why is this such an effective way to communicated complex information?
  • Writing to learn – that is what I’m doing. William Zinsser had the right idea


Scary article that discusses some of what you read isn’t created by a person, but is programmatically generated. You have to now ask, is this post created by a person?